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Shanghai Chaolu Compressor Purification Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Factory Address: No.501,Jiaqian Road, Nnaxiang town, Jiading district, Shanghai, China
Tel.: +86-21-51098098

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Main Products
  • Oil Filter ElementThis spin-on oil filter element allows convenient installation, fast replacement, great oil seal and excellent filtration precision. Based on these great properties, our product is widely applied by screw and piston compressors, generator, and other engineering machinery. Various kinds of oil filter elements in world famous compressors can be replaced by our product including Atlas Copco ...
  • Air Oil SeparatorAir oil separator is used to remove oil content from compressed air with the help of filter element, thus the air exhausted by the compressor is purified. Our product applies high quality filter paper imported from Germany which ensures the separating effect. Meanwhile, this device is manufactured by an entire production line, and the service life of our product is over 4000 hours ...