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We is a Chinese air compressor parts manufacturer. We specialize in the design, manufacture, sale, and service, for air compressor parts and post treatment equipment. Some of the products we offer are our air filter element, air oil separator, pressure transducer, air dryer, and duct collection equipment. We also offer a variety of filter solutions to address the individual needs of our customers around the world.

In order to achieve our goal of becoming an advanced global supplier of filtration solutions, we take advantage of scale economy and synergistic effect. Therefore, we now specialize in two fields that are compressed air filtering systems and industrial dust collection filtering systems. The products of the compressed air filtering system are suitable for the pneumatic system and oil system of all rotary air compressors in the world, and the main products can be divided into three categories including the filter element, lubricant, and post treatment equipment. In total, over 5000 models are available, and we offer consulting service on air compressor system configuration. Additionally, the industrial dust collection filtering system has various kinds of dust collection equipment, accessories, and total solutions. We are dedicated to supplying clean working conditions for industry production, research and development, and scientific research.

Apureda is a professional global manufacturer and service-provider of air compressor parts. The first of these produces filter elements for air compressors including the air filter, oil filter, air oil separator, and pipeline filter. The second produces the compressor lubricant and sensor. Desiccant air dryers and refrigerated air dryers are manufactured by the third and fourth, respectively, and our fifth factory produces the dust collector filter element. Apureda uses advanced production lines from the USA and Europe, and raw materials are imported from Japan and Germany. Therefore, the quality of our products is ensured.

Our own world class Research and Development center and subsidiary filtering Research and Development division concentrate on the innovation and application of new filtering technology. We have provided our technical expertise and filtration solutions to many world famous manufacturers that specialize in filters, filter elements, and filter material production. In addition, we have taken part in the drafting of many of the filtering industry standards. In order to develop advanced filtering materials and technology, we work with the national key laboratory of South China University of Technology.

With our years of experience in the field of filtration, we now have a large share of the market in China, and our presence in international markets is also growing. Now, we have distributors in over 10 countries, and we ship our air compressor parts and post treatment equipment to nearly 40 countries around the world. We look forward to continuing to serve even more global clients.

Main Products
  • Air Filter ElementAir filter element is adopted to remove dust or other impurities in the absorbed air, so the service life of air compressor is extended. The use of glass fiber and imported filter paper guarantees the improved performance and long service life of our product. Our air filter element is able to work instead of similar products supplied by many world class brands ...
  • Oil Filter ElementThis spin-on oil filter element allows convenient installation, fast replacement, great oil seal and excellent filtration precision. Based on these great properties, our product is widely applied by screw and piston compressors, generator, and other engineering machinery. Various kinds of oil filter elements in world famous compressors can be replaced by our product including Atlas Copco ...