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Dust Collection Equipment

International advanced filtering technology is applied by our dust collection equipment, and large particles can be subsided due to the gravity and descending air. This product is a cartridge filter and it can cut down the operation cost. Special material is adopted to produce the filter screen, and the cylinder allows the highest filtration efficiency. This dust collection equipment adopts unique design, and the firm cabinet and convenient repair/maintenance can shorten the maintenance time to a large extent. Thus, our product can guarantee the continuous production process for our customer.

Technical Parameters

Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Filtering Area (m2) Filter Cylinder Quantity (pcs)
D-4 3180 1020 2160 184 8
D-6 3180 1480 2060 276 12
D-8 3180 2040 2060 368 16
D-12 3180 2950 2060 552 24
D-16 4120 2040 2060 736 32
D-18 3640 3050 2060 828 36
D-24 4120 3050 2160 1104 48
D-30 4120 4070 2160 1380 60
D-32 3640 6100 2160 1472 64
D-36 4120 5090 2160 1656 72

1. Dust collection equipment allows stable running and great filtration effect, and the dedusting efficiency is also very high.
2. Frame installation method is used by the filter cylinder, and the cylinder possesses good sealing property, long service life and guaranteed performance.
3. The cabinet is air tight, and high quality sealing material is applied to produce the inspection door which ensures the low air leakage rate.
4. The air flues of inlet and outlet are designed with compact structure, and the airflow resistance is very small.
5. This product has small size and light weight which facilitate installation and maintenance.

Apureda is a professional dust collection equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as desiccant air dryer, air filter element, air oil separator, and pressure transducer.

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