Air Water Separator

Air Water Separator

Water and other impurities in the compressed air will erode pipeline, valve, instrument and equipment, and the working cost is increased. Considering this condition, we develop this device. Our air water separator combines centrifugation and concentration, and gravity and collision mechanisms are used to eliminate liquid water in the compressed air. Meanwhile, our product has small and compact structure, and the pressure loss is almost zero. Aluminum alloy is applied to make this equipment which allows long service life. In addition, a built-in automatic drain valve is equipped, and there is no need to change components. This air water separator is an ideal choice for post treatment equipment.

Technical Parameters
1. Max. Working Pressure: 1.6Mpa
2. Water Separating Efficiency: ≥99%
3. Max. Working Temperature: 66℃


Model Flow Rate (m3/min) Inlet and Outlet Connection Size (mm) Material
Diameter Height
AW0150 1.5~ 2.4 89 192 Aluminum alloy
AW0216 2.5~ 3.6 89 192
AW0270 3.7~ 5.4 G1 89 192
AW0270A 3.7~ 5.5 M33X2 89 192
AW0450 5.5~ 8.6 G1¼ 120 297
AW0540 8.7~ 13 G1½ 120 297
AW1200 14~ 29 G2 160 464
AW1200A 14~ 29 M60X2 160 464
AW2400 30~ 40 G2½ 216 725 Aluminum filter trip, stainless steel filter cylinder
AW3000 41~ 50 G3 216 815
AW2520 30~ 42 DN80 450 800 Stainless steel
AW3300 43~ 55 DN100 510 870
AW4080 56~ 68 DN125 580 1110
AW4800 69~ 80 DN150 750 1210

1. According to customer's request, separator with working pressure of 1.6Mpa and other models are also supplied.
2. Size of our produce is subject to change without additional notice.

Flow Percent of Different Separators

Compared with traditional type, air water separator can raise the flow percent to a large extent.

As a specialized air water separator manufacturer and supplier in China, Apureda provides a comprehensive range of products that includes pipeline filter element, desiccant air dryer, air oil separator, temperature transducer, and more.

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