Desiccant Air Dryer

  • Heatless Desiccant Air DryerPressure swing adsorption theory is used as the working principle for heatless desiccant air dryer. Under line pressure, desiccant can adsorb water in the compressed air, and then desorption process is carried out under atmospheric pressure. A portion of the dry compressed air from the outlet of adsorption tower flows into the other tower, and then it can remove water in the desiccant ...
  • External Heater Desiccant Air DryerExternal heater desiccant air dryer is developed from the heatless type, and a heater is equipped. The heater is used to raise the temperature of regeneration air, and the regeneration effect is improved. As a result, this air dryer can cut down the air used for regeneration without lowering the quality of compressed air, and energy is saved ...
  • Heat of Compression Desiccant Air DryerHeat of compression desiccant air dryer is based on the temperature swing adsorption theory (TSA). A heater fixed at the outlet of air compressor is used to heat desiccant directly, so the regeneration process doesn't consume any air which can save energy greatly ...
  • Zero Loss Blower Heat Desiccant Air DryerZero loss blower heat desiccant air dryer takes temperature swing adsorption theory as its working principle. The blower is used to adsorb ambient air, and the air is heated by a heater. After that, the heated air can be used to regenerate desiccant. Thus, the air loss is almost zero, and this air dryer can save a lot of energy ...
Desiccant Air Dryer

Desiccant air dryer contains two towers filled with desiccant which are A tower and B tower, and the towers are used for adsorption and desorption, respectively. Based on the principle of pressure swing adsorption or temperature swing adsorption, the two towers can execute adsorption process and regeneration operation alternatively to adsorb water in the compressed air. In this way, dry air is obtained.

Each of the technical parameters of our product is in accordance with strict specification such as inlet temperature, pressure loss, and pressure dew point, etc. That is achieved on the basis of our R&D team and advanced test equipment. In 2010, we introduce world class design technique, and with the help of Dutch engineer, a zero loss desiccant air dryer with pressure dew point of -70℃ is developed. Our product can meet customer's strict requirements on compressed air.

1. Our self-developed air distributor can guarantee the even air flow when air flows through desiccant bed, and channeling problem is avoided. Meanwhile, the air distributor is corrosion-proof, and user doesn't need to replace it.
2. The tower structure is well designed, and the heat can be kept to the largest extent. Also, the regeneration ability is improved.
3. High quality desiccant is applied, and its service life is over 3 years.
4. Siemens PLC is equipped. Alarm function and remote control via computer are achieved which make the machine safe and reliable.
5. Adsorption time and regeneration time are set properly which can ensure the quality of compressed air.
6. Air controlling pipeline adopts copper pipe which allows lifelong service.
7. This air dryer adopts indoor installation method, and it is fixed by anchor bolt.

Our company is a professional desiccant air dryer manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as pipeline filter element, refrigerated air dryer, dust collection equipment, and air oil separator.

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Other Products
  • Combined Air DryerAs indicated in its name, combined air drier is a combination of air dryers which are refrigerated type and desiccant type. After processed by refrigerated type, the compressed air doesn't move into pre-cooler. Instead, it passes through air water separator of the refrigerated dryer and then flows into the desiccant dryer for further adsorption ...
  • Refrigerated Air DryerOur refrigerated air dryer takes advantage of refrigeration capacity supplied by the refrigerating system to cool down the compressed air. So, vapor water in compressed air will be transformed into liquid state, and removed from air. In this way, the air is purified which meets the customer's requirement. Based on the advanced Euro technology and industrial standard of Europe and America ...