Refrigerated Air Dryer

  • Air Cooling Refrigerated Air DryerAir cooling refrigerated air dryer is specially designed to remove water in the compressed air. The damp and high temperature air is cooled by the pre-cooler, and then it moves into the heat exchanger to exchange heat with cold air exhausted by the evaporator. Thus, the temperature of compressed air is lowered which leads to the condensation of water due to saturation phenomenon ...
  • Water Cooling Refrigerated Air DryerWater cooling refrigerated air dryer is used to eliminate water in compressed air. The moist and hot compressed air is processed by the pre-cooler, and then it flows into heat exchanger to exchange heat with industrial cooling water, and the air is cooled. As a result, water in the compressed air will be in saturation state, and then condensation phenomenon takes place ...
Refrigerated Air Dryer

Our refrigerated air dryer takes advantage of refrigeration capacity supplied by the refrigerating system to cool down the compressed air. So, vapor water in compressed air will be transformed into liquid state, and removed from air. In this way, the air is purified which meets the customer's requirement. Based on the advanced Euro technology and industrial standard of Europe and America, experts with 20 years of experience developed a reasonable structure for our product. That is 2-flank air inflow, top air exhaust and installation without base. In addition, according to the requirements in operation and maintenance, various types of refrigerated air dryer are supplied.

1. Type: Air cooling, water cooling, and special types such as high temperature, high pressure, cryogenic cooling, anti-explosion, etc.
2. Air Capacity: 1.7m3/min ~ 500m3/min
3. Pressure Dew Point: 2℃ ~ 10℃
4. Control Mode: Instrument, electric, Siemens PLC
5. Power Supply: 220V/1ph/50Hz, 380V/3ph/50Hz, or 110v/1ph/60Hz
6. Coolant: European standard product: R134a, R404a, R407c
7. Compressor: Performer and Maneurop in France, Bitzer and Copeland in Germany
8. Refrigerating Control Parts: Danfoss in Denmark, ALCO in America

Apureda is an experienced refrigerated air dryer manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including heatless desiccant air dryer, oil removal purifier, air filter element, and dust collection equipment, etc.

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Other Products
  • Desiccant Air DryerDesiccant air dryer contains two towers filled with desiccant which are A tower and B tower, and the towers are used for adsorption and desorption, respectively. Based on the principle of pressure swing adsorption or temperature swing adsorption, the two towers can execute adsorption process and regeneration operation alternatively to adsorb water in the compressed air. In this way, dry air is obtained ...
  • Combined Air DryerAs indicated in its name, combined air drier is a combination of air dryers which are refrigerated type and desiccant type. After processed by refrigerated type, the compressed air doesn't move into pre-cooler. Instead, it passes through air water separator of the refrigerated dryer and then flows into the desiccant dryer for further adsorption ...