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Pressure Transducer

Pressure transducer is widely used in automatic control industries, such as water conservancy, hydroelectricity, railway, smart building, automatic production, aerospace program, military project, petrochemical industry, oil well, electric power, ship, machining tool and pipeline. We can provide pressure sensor of many brands including Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, CompAir, Fusheng, etc.

The materials used to produce the chip of our pressure transducer possess high elasticity and good resistance to corrosion, abrasion, shock and vibration. The working temperature range of our product is -40℃~135℃ because of the superb heat stability and thick-film resistor, and the precise detecting function is guaranteed for a long time. The electrical insulation voltage is over 2kV and the output signal is very strong, so our product is able to keep the sensitive and accurate measurement under different working conditions. On the other hand, high quality stainless steel is applied to manufacture the housing, and imported engineering plastic, ABS, is adopted to make the electrical connection via die-casting process. In this way, the mechanical strength of the sensor is guaranteed. In addition, our product has many great features, such as artistic appearance, convenient installation, high measuring accuracy, excellent stability and consistency, so it can be applied to detect different types of gas and liquid.

Technical Parameters

Pressure Range -0.1Mpa~0Mpa~200Mpa
Overload Limits 2~3 × full scale
Bursting Pressure >3 × full scale
Measuring Medium Gas or liquid which doesn't corrode ceramic and stainless steel.
Working Voltage 5VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC, 36VDC, TEB ± 3% (optional)
Measuring Mode Absolute pressure, gage pressure, differential pressure
Output Signal 0.5VDC~4.5VDC, 1.0VDC~5.0VDC, 4mA~20mA
Output Mode Dynamic output
Output Current 1.0mA max
Working Temperature -40℃~125℃ (-104℉~257℉)
Medium Temperature -40℃~125℃ (-104℉~257℉)
Storage Temperature -40℃~150℃ (-104℉~302℉)
Temperature Drift ± 0.2‰ ℃
Mechanical Shock 20000g 100us
Screw Connection NPT1/8 Z1/8 G1/8, NPT1/4 Z1/4 G1/4, NPT3/8 Z3/8 G3/8
Tightening torque 17.4 ± 4.9Nm
Electrical Connection Specialized fast-inserting interface, three-wire system or four-wire system

Note: We can design and manufacture custom made product based on the working condition, measuring medium, pressure range, working voltage, output signal, installation thread, electrical connection and other specific requirements. In addition, pressure transducer, differential pressure transducer and vacuum transducer for screw air compressor are also available.

Product List

OEM Brand Type Parts Number
Atlas Copco Pressure Transducer 1089057551
Atlas Copco 1089057541
Atlas Copco 1089057526
Atlas Copco 1089057521
Atlas Copco 1089962533
Atlas Copco 1089057578
Atlas Copco 1089057528
Atlas Copco 1089057524
Atlas Copco 1089057544
Atlas Copco 1089057564
Atlas Copco 1089057535
Atlas Copco 1089057574
Atlas Copco 1089057534
Atlas Copco 1089057565
Atlas Copco 1089057554
Atlas Copco 1089057573
Atlas Copco 1089057533
Atlas Copco 1089957954
Atlas Copco 1089957955
Atlas Copco 1089957960
Atlas Copco 1089057520
Atlas Copco 1089962501
Ingersoll Rand 39853809
Ingersoll Rand 39853791
Ingersoll Rand 39929435
Ingersoll Rand 39875539
Ingersoll Rand 39877618
Ingersoll Rand 42852483
CompAir 100003136
CompAir 100001684
CompAir 11507074
CompAir 11190974
CompAir 09Q060G1936
CompAir A98612-120
CompAir 98612-122
CompAir A11507074
Fusheng 022504141-710
Fusheng 02250144-311
Fusheng 02250141-442
Fusheng 02250175-788
Fusheng 02250140-194
Sullair 250039-910
Sullair 88290003-806
Sullair MSP-300-250-P-4-A-1
BOGE 635007901
Kaeser 7.7040.1

As a specialized pressure transducer manufacturer and supplier in China, Apureda also offers external heater desiccant air dryer, air water separator, oil filter element, and dust collection equipment, among others.

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