Air Oil Separator

Air Oil Separator

Air oil separator is used to remove oil content from compressed air with the help of filter element, thus the air exhausted by the compressor is purified. Our product applies high quality filter paper imported from Germany which ensures the separating effect. Meanwhile, this device is manufactured by an entire production line, and the service life of our product is over 4000 hours. Our air oil separator can replace similar products of world famous brands, such as Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, CompAir, Sullair, Kaeser and Mann, etc. In addition, we can supply custom made product as well.

OEM Brand P/N and Matching APD P/N

OEM Brand Original P/N APD P/N
Atlas Copco 1622087100 AA0920
Atlas Copco 2901056600 3221117177
Ingersoll Rand 54749247 AA1357
Ingersoll Rand 22219174 3221235465
CompAir A10525274 AA1355
CompAir 98262/174 3221130495
Kaeser 6.3671.0/G2 3221113230
Sullair 2250100756 3221214233
BOGE 575000105 AA1330
Mann-Hummel LB11102/2 AA1040
Mann-Hummel 4900051111 3221116435
Gardner Denver 200ECH035 3221414306
Kobelco P-CE03-521 3221117263
Hitachi 52323020 3221110320
Mitsui-Seiki 71103373945 3221117333
Fusheng 91101175 3221130821
Quincy 129881001 3221310235
Liutech DB2188 3221117400
Alup 17211105 AA1053
Airman 3422004600 3221119253

Other Information
1. Oil Content after Separation: ≤3ppm
2. Initial Differential Pressure: ≤0.02Mpa

Apureda is a specialized air oil separator manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast range of products, including pressure transducer, dust collection equipment, heat of compression desiccant air dryer, and more.

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