Air Filter Assembly

Air Filter Assembly

When air flows into the inlet, centrifugal pre-separation process is executed with the help of our air filter assembly, and most of the dust is absorbed by the dust discharge valve. After that, the air will be fine filtered by the filter element, and then it will move into the reducing valve of air compressor. Metal supporting structure is abandoned by the outer net which makes the recycle process very easy. On the other hand, the housing material of our air filter assembly is polypropylene, and glass fiber reinforced nylon (GFPA) and leaf spring made of stainless steel are adopted to manufacture the bracket. In addition, the bracket and housing are very convenient to install and use, and the continuous working temperature range of our product is -40℃ ~ +80℃.

OEM Brand P/N and Matching APD P/N

Brand Assembly P/N APD P/N Flow Rate (m3/min) Matching Filter Element
Mann 4550092910 3212100092 (bracket: 3212125152) - 3211319370
Mann 4405087997 3213100021 2 3211411134A
Mann 4550092910 3213100081 (bracket: 3213126150) 8 3211319370
Mann 4550092911 3213200081 (bracket: 3213126150) 8 3211319370
Mann 4570092940 3213132204 20 3211713500
Kaiser 56006165338T 3212100061 (bracket: 3212119115) 6 3211116338
Kaiser 56020300440T 3212100202 (bracket: 3212135206) 20 3211130440
Kaiser 56003140295T 3212100041 (bracket: 3212116100) 4 3211114295
Kaiser 56010200350T 3212100101 (bracket: 3212124140) 10 3211120350
Kaiser 56012230365T 3212100123 (bracket: 3212127155) 16 /12 3211123366
Bolaite 1625173631 3212100109 10 3211116338
Bolaite 1625165403 3212100079 3 3211112171
Bolaite 1625173638 3212100088 8 3211116338
Bolaite 1625173650 3212100413 40 3211132709

As an experienced air filter assembly manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides temperature transducer, water cooling refrigerated air dryer, zero loss blower heat desiccant air dryer, pipeline filter element, and more.

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