Air Filter Element

Air Filter Element

Air filter element is adopted to remove dust or other impurities in the absorbed air, so the service life of air compressor is extended. The use of glass fiber and imported filter paper guarantees the improved performance and long service life of our product. Our air filter element is able to work instead of similar products supplied by many world class brands, such as Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, CompAir, Sullair, Kaeser and Mann, etc.

OEM Brand P/N and Matching APD P/N

OEM Brand Type Original P/N APD P/N
Atlas Copco Air filter 1619279800 3211123370
Atlas Copco 1621054600 3211139460
Atlas Copco 1613740700 3211315342
Ingersoll Rand 42888214 3211220076
Ingersoll Rand 99273906 3211227120
CompAir 98262170 3211119361
CompAir A29504356 3211124481
Gardner Denver 81166609 3211421097
Gardner Denver 2116150 3211113281
Sullair 250007838 3211135736
Sullair 42445 3211219100
Fusheng 7113166010 3211123300
Fusheng 94203210 3211312288
Liutech 2205116401 3211420110
BOGE 569003401 3211312288
BOGE 569000726 3211119361
Kaeser 6.1995.0 3211130461
Kaeser 6.4148.0 3211142135
Kobelco SCE05-505 3211323468
Kobelco P81-4454 3211117092
Mitsui-Seiki 71127083801 3211120255
Mitsui-Seiki 711040438011 3211316349
Hitachi P814459 3211117210
Hitachi 21717210 3211216131
Mann C20500 3211319370
Mann 4550092910 3212100092
Hydrovane 50273 3211426082
Quincy 234584 3211123425

Other Information
1. Filtration Precision: 3μm-12μm
2. Service Life: ≥2000 hours
3. Packing: Carton or plywood case
4. Date of Delivery: 7-10 working days

As a professional air filter element manufacturer and supplier in China, at Apureda we also offer pressure transducer, heatless desiccant air dryer, air water separator, and dust collection equipment, among others.

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